Net Lights

Christmas mini lights in the net style are perfect for decorating bushes, shrubs, and small trees. The net configuration allows the decorator to achieve uniform spacing that is difficult to obtain using standard mini light sets. We offer a great selection of net style Christmas mini lights in both LED and incandescent.

Warm White LED Net Lights

Warm White LED Mini Net Lights

Our warm white mini style net lights are perfect for decorating bushes or shrubs. Each set includes 105 of our warm white wide angle mini bulbs and measures 4'x6' in size. Pick up some of these and our warm white 5MM wide angles for your trees and your yard will be ready for the holidays in a snap.

Pure White LED Net Lights

Pure White LED Mini Net Lights

This version of our pure white wide angle mini light is specifically designed for bushes. The set is configured like a fishing net with 105 pure white lights on green wire. It measures 4'x6' and makes decorating bushes and shrubs fast and easy.

5 Multi-color LED Net Lights

Multi Color Mini LED Net Lights

This set of traditional multi colored net lights features red, green, blue yellow and orange 5MM mini style LEDs. Try using these on the bushes in the front of your home and then add some of our wide angle multi color 5MM sting lights to your trees for an instant multi-colored holiday display. Each set has 105 bulbs and measures 4'x6'.

Green LED Net Lights

Green LED Net Style Mini Lights

It's easy to create professional looking and uniform light installations on your bushes and shrubs with our LED net mini lights. This set features 105 of our green wide angle mini lights which produce a vivid green light which is very bright. The set measure 4'x6'.

Pink LED Net Lights

Pink Mini LED Net Lights

Maybe it's not a white Christmas but it can be a pink Christmas with our pink LED net lights. These net lights include 105 of our super-bright pink LEDs on green wire. This is a great set for easily and professionally decorating your bushes and shrubs. The set measure 4' x 6' so it's a good size for normal sized bushes.

Purple LED Net Lights

Purple Mini Style LED Net Lights

A lot of our customers are doing some very creative and unique holiday displays with non-traditional holiday colors like purple. This set of purple net lights is perfect for easily decorating bushes for those doing a purple themed holiday display. It is also a great choice for Halloween decorating. The set includes 105 of our purple wide angle mini bulbs and measures 4'x6'.

Blue LED Net Lights

Blue Mini LED Net Lights

This set of blue 5MM mini net lights features the same wide angle LED on our best selling blue LED wide angle string light set. It is one of our most popular blue light sets because the small, low profile 5MM bulbs are extremely bright and produce a striking blue color. Each set has 105 blue LEDs and measures 4'x6'.

Orange LED Net Lights

Orange Net Style Mini Lights

Great for Halloween or for bucking Christmas tradition and adding some orange light to your bushes and landscape. For Halloween, decorate your bushes with these 105 orange LEDs in net style and then add some of our purple string lights to your trees. Each set measures 4'x6'.

Gold LED Net Lights

Gold LED Net Style Mini Lights

Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor bushes with our gold 5MM mini style net lights. The golden yellow light produced by our brilliant 5MM mini LED bulbs is cannot be replicated by low cost LEDs or incandescent. Decorating bushes for Christmas is easy with this 105 light set of net lights which measures 4'x6'.

Red LED Net Lights

Red LED Mini Net Lets

Our red 5MM mini style net lights will make your holiday bushes look like they are illuminated with bright, glowing red holly berries. Each set has 105 of our super-bright red wide angle LEDs which produce a red color that is a near perfect match to the wave length of natural red light. This net configuration of Christmas lights fits nicely over most bushes at 4'x6' in measurement.

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